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We bring to your business the experience and technological expertise of the foremost cannabis market in the world, the USA.

Consulting & integrated management

Medicanna provides full-service business solutions and support for the cannabis industry. We handle all aspects of licensing, standard operating procedures, market research, product placement and promotion and more to address individual client and project needs. Our consulting services bring you knowledge of the complexities of the Greek and Cypriot markets, together with the leading technological know-how and experience of U.S. cannabis entrepreneurs.

Our consulting services include

Sitting, licensing & applications

Finding the right location and securing your licenses can be complex and difficult to manoeuvre. It requires patience, extensive research, and intense attention to detail.Our team works with you to develop the best applications and advocates on your behalf to secure licenses in Greece and Cyprus.

Financial modeling

Our financial modeling services help you determine business valuation for potential investors. Our models articulate current real cash budget, cash flow projections, capital decisions, depreciation schedules, debt service, inventory levels, new products and market opportunities, budgeting and allocation of corporate resources, depending on your individual business needs.

Business Plans

Our business planning services analyse your company’s presence in the Greek, Cypriot and EU markets from start-up to implementation, helping you develop and launch your company with a clear and cohesive road map that anticipates all regulatory and licensing requirements.

Security & compliance plans

We support the development of security and compliance plans that meet and exceed regulatory requirements. These plans provide the most efficient and effective practices and address solutions for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing facilities, packaging and distribution.

Operation manuals

We support development of comprehensive operations manuals in cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing, utilizing the world leading experience of the USA cannabis market. These manuals are created and tailored to your individual business needs by our team of Greek and American cannabis industry experts.

Staff training

In partnership with leading cannabis businesses in the US, we offer on-site employee training led by industry experts. To guarantee results, our comprehensive training programs utilize written instruction, online modules and on-the-job training. All training is documented and a signed statement is obtained from each employee that indicates the date, time, place of training and the focus of the training.

Branding & Marketing

As the cannabis market is becoming more mainstream, now is the time to have a strong brand identity that resonates through the marketplace, differentiates you from your competitors and connects you to your desired audience. We help you develop brands that are aligned with the cultural context in Greece and Cyprus.

Our Branding & Marketing services include:

  • Brand Positioning

  • Trend Analysis

  • Competitive Market Analysis

  • Industry Best Practices

  • Brand Identity & Logo Development

  • Packaging Design

  • Creative Collateral

  • Point-of Purchase Displays/Retail Merchandising

  • Environmental Design

Medicanna - Strategic Communications

Strategic communications

Communicating in a way that government understands gives you a huge advantage in both the application and the implementation process. With over a decade of senior communications and media relations experience, we speak this language–and we can help you frame your narrative in a way that’s smart and compelling. Our capabilities include press, public and government and crisis communications.

Medicanna - Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships

This is an exciting time for the cannabis industry in Greece and in Cyprus. We will help you assess your competition, and develop strategic partnerships to secure your position in the market. Through our reputation and international network, we curate strategic alliances and bring you in touch with leading businesses in Greece, Cyprus and the USA.

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